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Netflix's Sci-Fi Anime About Evil AI You Should Watch Instead Of Atlas  

Critics are dubbing Netflix's latest sci-fi original, Atlas, one of the worst films to enter the genre in a long time, despite Jennifer Lopez's best efforts to save it.  

And, while the streaming service will try to entice you to spend an hour and 58 minutes viewing the dismal show, there's another film in their library that's worth your time.  

Blame! is a 2017 anime that delves into subjects such as AI's contact with mankind, its potential for rebellion, and the ethical consequences of sophisticated technology, but it does a far superior job of storytelling.  

Blame! first captivated the audience with its rich world-building and distinct visual flair. The film, directed by Hiroyuki Seshita and produced by Polygon Pictures, is based on the same-titled manga series by Tsutomu Nihei.   

Blame!, with a script by Sadayuki Murai, was released as a Netflix original on May 20, 2017, exposing its post-apocalyptic story to a global audience.  

Blame!, like Atlas, is set in the distant future, when civilization has grown into a massive, automated cityscape governed by a network-based system.   

However, a previous virus has led these systems to malfunction, resulting in an uncontrollably spreading city that extends in all directions.   

Humanity, now unable to access the city's systems, is pursued by the Safeguard, a relentless defensive system that sees people as illegal beings that must be eliminated.  

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