Outer Range Season 3 Gets Hopeful Update from Josh Brolin: Will More Episodes Release?

Outer Range star Josh Brolin's recent statements have fans thrilled about the possibility of a third season. 

After more than two years, the Amazon Prime Video neo-western returned in mid-May with its much anticipated second season. 

furthest Range, centered on a rancher in Wyoming who discovers a time-traveling physics-defying hole at the furthest reaches of his land,

 has developed up a passionate community of fans who enjoy its mix of Interstellar-like sci-fi and huge 'American heartland' Yellowstone-esque storytelling.

Following the release of Outer Range Season 2, series protagonist Josh Brolin, who plays the show's core Wyoming rancher, 

Royal Abbott, expressed optimism to fans that a third season of the series may materialize, citing his excitement about a potential return. 

In a talk with Jonatan Blomberg on YouTube, the Outer Range leading man stated that the series has "gotten more intriguing the further [they have] gone with it," calling the notion of returning for Season 3 "amazing:"

This is consistent with Brolin's previous comments, in which he expressed his excitement in perhaps returning 

for more episodes of the Amazon Prime Video series during the Outer Range Season 2 promotional campaign. 

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