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Paige Spiranac's bold video of her'stripping down' for golf raises the bar.  

Paige Spiranac, a former golfer and now social media influencer, knows how to captivate her fans' attention.   

Spiranac recently released a video on Instagram in which she can be seen getting dressed and undressed before heading to the golf course.   

Paige's sculpted form and daring attitude capture the attention of her followers.  

"Help me get dressed for the country club because we know my usual outfit won't work," Paige says in the video, displaying her irreverent side.  

While some may believe she despises country clubs, Spiranac clarifies that she prefers public golf courses, while she likes the hidden treasures of private clubs and respects their rules, no matter how silly they appear.  

Spiranac recounts incidents concerning dress regulations at country clubs, including a four-year-old boy who was thrown off the course for wearing sweatpants.   

Although she does not always agree with these regulations, she recognizes that each club has the right to set its own rules and that she has the freedom to select where she plays.  

Paige completes her metamorphosis with a pair of slacks and a jacket, as her skirts are typically too short by country club standards.   

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