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Possible Fire for Three Western Conference Coaches

John Hollinger of The Athletic reported three Western Conference NBA coaches that could be fired next season.  

"Three names that came up in my conversations with folks around the league were Memphis Grizzlies' Taylor Jenkins, New Orleans Pelicans' Willie Green, and Portland Trail Blazers' Chauncey Billups," Hollinger wrote.  

Hollinger said, “Jenkins comes off a 27-win season that was plagued by myriad injuries.   

He was second in the 2022 Coach of the Year poll, but Memphis has struggled since.  

Memphis also sacked most of his assistant coaches before the combine, which is a sign the head coach is in trouble.  

While last year's struggles were due to injuries, Memphis must prove they're still a top Western Conference club next season.  

Memphis was the second seed in successive seasons until injuries derailed this season, but other teams have risen in the Western Conference since Memphis last entered the playoffs.  

Regaining their top status will be difficult for the Grizzlies.  

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