Relationships Improve For 3 Zodiac Signs On June 6

On Thursday, June 6, 2024, certain zodiac signs will discover two things: whether or not we can accept our partners as they are, and whether or not we can tolerate ourselves doing so  

We have a New Moon square Saturn right now, which can be both problematic and liberating.   

Then again, doesn't greatness require sacrifice? We'll see this in action on June 6th. Three zodiac signs will experience the emotion as both relieving and burdensome.   

Why is it burdensome? Because if we have to learn to accept anything in our relationship that we don't particularly like or want, we bear the responsibility of compromise.  

Compromise is normal and required. Saturn may have had something in mind for us all along, as this planet is known for 'putting us in our place.' We will learn to accept our partners, but this will come at a cost.  

This is why the acceptance we provide must be genuine. We don't want to kid ourselves on this one. This is why we must be honest with ourselves about whether this acceptance is genuine or not.


You have always desired a secure and loving relationship. It's been a long-term aim that has occasionally felt out of reach. You, Cancer, have ideals in mind. As you've learned, ideas are just that, and they're frequently not grounded in reality. You've been looking for the impossible, and while you believe you have every right to believe what you believe (which you do), your efforts have yielded less-than-sterile results.  


While you can be fairly stubborn when it comes to attaining what you want, you have a tendency to overemphasize the things that do not work for you. So, when you and your romantic partner disagree, you either become sad and depressed or fierce. On Thursday, the Moon will square Saturn, demonstrating that neither attitude works. The only option to save the relationship is to adjust to your partner's ways.  

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