San Francisco’s Korean Beef Stew Legend Daeho Is Coming to Bellevue

 Since 2019, you may not have heard of Daeho Kalbijjim and Beef Soup,,,

 but the restaurant has been immensely popular in San Francisco and is heading to Bellevue.  

 The new Daeho will open at 3703 150th Avenue Southeast, off I-90, where Southgate Garden was.  

 Eater Seattle reports that the new location's general manager, Jesse Kim, expects to open mid-December, possibly December 14, pending final inspections.  

 Why should you be excited? Our colleagues at Eater San Francisco wrote, “The star of the show,,, 

 and possibly of the city’s entire Korean restaurant scene — is the kalbijjim.

 the slow-braised, spicy-sweet, fall-off-the-bone beef short rib stew that is Daeho’s claim to fame.”  

 On special events and holidays, Koreans consume kalbijjim, a sumptuous dish full of cheese and pork.  

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