Simple Mango Guacamole

This simple mango guacamole is an ideal appetizer for a large group of hungry folks.   

What's not to love about it? It's salty and savory, but also sweet with a tinge of tropical fruitiness.  

Make a batch for game day, or use up those extra avocados to keep the hangry crowd at bay...this is a favorite summer treat in my house.  

It's nutritious, light, and refreshing, and it's quite simple to prepare. There are a few issues that this simple guacamole recipe cannot fix.  

Looking for more Mexican-inspired appetizers? The butternut squash nacho cheese is incredible. This guacamole works nicely with this spicy one-pot Mexican rice.  

avocados are a must – sea salt is avocado's best friend – mango adds tropical sweetne – onion balances out the sweetness and adds savorine – tomato adds texture, but you can make this guac without tomato

cilantro if you vibe with it – garlic for more savorine – lime helps prevent browning, so this is required if the guac will be on the table for a while – jalapeno and/or spicy chili peppers if you like spicy food

Pro tip: Fresh ingredients make all the difference! Use what you can find at your grocery store or local farmer's market.

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