Sports Illustrated accused of publishing articles written by AI

 Futurism investigated Sports Illustrated and uncovered bogus stories.  

 Futurism found AI-generated portraits and biographies for these phony authors.  

 On her profile page, “Sora Tanaka” claims to review products.  

 The website stated: “Sora has always been a fitness guru and loves trying new foods and drinks.   

 Ms. Tanaka is excited to join the Product Reviews Team and offers only the finest in fitness and nutrition.  

 The Arena Group, which bought Sports Illustrated in 2019, rejects the claims. The group said the pieces were AdVon Commerce-sourced commercials.  

 The journal is also criticized for AI-written non-commercial pieces.  

 One volleyball article was signed “Drew Ortiz”. As with Sora Tanaka, Futurism found that Drew Ortiz's biography and headshot were created by AI.  

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