Tarot Card Readings for each Zodiac Sign on June 4


Today, you might immerse yourself in a beautiful reflection of happy memories from the past. In the best case scenario, nostalgia can overpower you as you go down memory lane. Allow this to demonstrate how far you've traveled while also honoring your roots. 


""Love is a decision, a judgment, and a promise." If love was just an emotion, there would be no reason to swear to love one other forever. A emotion arises and may pass. How can I say that it will last forever when my actions do not entail judgment and decision?"


impasse, difficult decisions, trapped in the middle, denial, hidden knowledge. "If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself" . George Orwell


Strength qualities can motivate and sustain you during difficult times, Cancer. When everything else fails, commitment might be the driving force that keeps you going. Patience can also help you deal with challenges, accept people, and persevere when things go tough. Today is a wonderful day to recognize your strengths and improve any flaws


You want to build harmony in your relationships, and your qualities will help you get there. Today is an excellent day to focus on diplomacy and the need of empathy and understanding in relationships.


Mutual respect is essential in any healthy partnership, Virgo. To achieve it, you must first cultivate it within yourself. How would you possibly accept or attract a loving person to yourself if you don't believe you deserve it? This is an excellent moment to become aware of your thoughts and how they represent deeply held beliefs. From there, you might challenge them to demonstrate greater love and kindness. 


Libra, you may need an interior refresh. This can take the form of new love, learning, or a spiritual awakening. So, to give yourself the rest you need, and anytime you have a spare moment, instead of denying your feelings and maybe drowning in dopamine creation via social media, pause. You can glance within and be unsure about your needs.


Your efforts have not gone unappreciated, Scorpio. The seeds you're planting and watering right now will have a direct impact on the future you meet. This might give you hope, bravery, and motivation to act in the present moment. Do not become weary of doing good; at the right time, you will reap the benefits of your efforts!


To fully let go, you may need to shift your perspective on what it is. Jack Kornfield wisely stated, "To let go does not mean to get rid of." To let go means to be. "When we let go with compassion, things happen on their own." This great level of acceptance can bring serenity to your heart. What does this look like in your life?


Capricorn, don't accept criticism from those you wouldn't like to take advise from. It may seem apparent, but when you consider the outcome of a person's life based on those belief systems, disparaging comments can become less destructive. If their advice is useful, then use it! If not, accept it and go on. 


Give yourself permission to be yourself and continue to let go of the urge to be accepted by others. Today embodies autonomous and assertive energy and urges you to cultivate those qualities. Anything else could be dishonest and tiring, such as putting on a show or attempting to be someone who appeals to everyone's tastes when the person they begin to admire isn't even you.


When you ask, Pisces, be prepared to receive. Part of the equation is to ensure that when you seek or work for improvements, you are in an environment that supports them. This means you play a role as well, so keep your hands open and make sure what you control reflects what you say you desire. 

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