Tarotscope For Today: Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Aries Your Card: Four of Sword

Aries, we cannot control everything. Sometimes we must learn when to accept the truth. I understand how against your nature this thought is. Don't fool yourself into believing in fantasies and results that do not exist.  

Taurus Your Card: Ace of Wand

We are sometimes so consumed with survival that we lose sight of what makes life worthwhile. Living to work is a terrible worldview that is deeply established in our society, making it tough to rewire our brains and reset this way of thinking. Taurus, as an earth sign, you are grounded and pragmatic. Always put your responsibilities first. Concentrate on reality and what "needs" to be done. But where is the desire for life in this?   

Gemini Your Card: The Empress

The twins represent you, Gemini. Representing the dichotomy of nature and man. You are a complex symbol that most people don't understand. However, you may have recently felt disconnected from your inner world. As if there were an imbalance and loss of equilibrium. With that said, connect to your feminine divinity.   

Cancer Your Card: Eight of Cups

You've never been very good at setting boundaries in the past, Cancer. You are a water sign, and while you have a better knowledge of your emotions than most, this can sometimes lead to a loss of control over them. You are a naturally perceptive sign, so it is easy for you to grasp the wants of people without them having to express themselves; unfortunately, this does not work in revers  

Virgo Your Card: Knight of Wands

Consider the perspectives of others today, Virgo. At times, you can come out as arrogant. Don't get me wrong, you comprehend the world better than most people, and this is due to your proclivity to withdraw and reflect on life without the distractions of the outside world. This has given you a wiser outlook on life. However, no matter how much you understand about the world's complexity and inner workings, there is still much to learn. See, the more you know, the less you know.   

Libra Your Card: Knight of Pentacles

Just because you've chosen this road doesn't imply you can't investigate other choices. While it is important to keep to our commitments and have the discipline to see things through to completion, doing so can lead to stagnation. The Knight of Pentacles pushes you to explore new things in an orderly and disciplined manner. You might be satisfied with where it takes you, Libra.  

Scorpio Your Card: Eight of Wand

Success is more than just luck. Success is the result of luck, timing, and preparation. These are the three pillars of success. The Eight of Wands represents a message or a call to action of some form. The Eight of Wands may appear in your life as a text message from an old buddy you haven't spoken with in a long time. A new possible work possibility.   

Sagittarius Your Card: Page of Cup

It's time to get back to earth, Sagittarius. The Page of Cups represents our desires, fantasies, and wishes. However, this card can reflect unrealistic dreams. Though the imagination is a great instrument for manifestation and creativity, we cannot live in a fantasy indefinitely because it leads to delusions.  

Capricorn Your Card: Death

The Death tarot card symbolizes emancipation. It is a time of detachment and freedom from the ego. Death's transforming powers allow us to exist as our truest selves. Today, Capricorn, take comfort in knowing that the past no longer exists. It is not yours to keep any longer. We fear death because we don't know what awaits us after it. And, while we believe that we only live and die once, life is full with instances of ego death and release.   

Aquarius Your Card: The Fool

There is no ecstasy without fear, Aquarius. Embrace the unknown. Accept the things that scare you. If you're never terrified, you're not fully alive. Today, you will go on a new adventure with the Fool. A voyage into the unknown. Walking down an unpaved path.  

Pisces Your Card: King of Cups

Pisces, your card is King of Cups. Nowadays, everything is connected. You're not insane; all the indications are there. Just make sure not to overlook them. Everything you do today is for the right reasons.  

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