Taylor Swift Defends Lady Gaga Amid False Pregnancy Rumor

Taylor Swift has come to Lady Gaga's rescue after erroneous reports about her pregnancy surfaced this weekend.  

Gaga was caught by paparazzi during her sister's wedding in a small hamlet in Maine, prompting speculation that she was expecting.  

On Monday, the "Bad Romance" singer took to TikTok to dispel the claims. She shared a 10-second video with the "I am the aesthetic" voice, saying, "I don't have to find an aesthetic; I am the aesthetic  

I mean, I'm sure someone out here right now is going to Pinterest and typing up all these terms to describe me  

Gaga captioned the video, "not pregnant - just down bad cryin' at the gym," referring to Swift's song "Down Bad" from The Tortured Poets Department.  

Swift addressed the claims on Instagram, saying, "Can we all agree that commenting on a woman's body is invasive and inappropriate. Gaga owes no one an explanation, and neither does any woman."

The actress from A Star Is Born also used the newfound visibility to encourage people to register to vote at headcount.org or use the same website to "easily" verify if they are registered to vote  

However, Gaga's call to action appears to have been overshadowed by her usage of Swift's lyrics. Fans in the 8,000+ comments (as of press time) could only focus on the idea of a Gaga and Swift duet.  

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