The 75 Most Powerful People in Kids’ Entertainment

 The quantity of entertainment options has never been better for kids. However, it's never been harder.  

 In 2013, the average 8-year-old could flip on one of several TV channels and watch,,,

 a few movies or series on Netflix or Hulu (if their household had an account). YouTube was for teens and adults.  

 A decade later, an 8-year-old may choose from hundreds of titles on multiple streaming platforms, thousands of YouTube channels,,,

 and an age-protected YouTube Kids app, not to mention TikTok and other social media.  

 Kids and teens stream more than adults: No 2022-23 cable program averaged even half.

 a million 2-17 viewers, unlike a big network or cable show that may pull half a million 18-34-year-olds.  

 Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon averaged 500,000 2-11-year-old viewers daily in 2015.  

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