The 'Chinese wind' whirling through the entertainment industry

 Each Lunar New Year Eve, China Central Television's Spring Festival Gala of song, dance,,,

 and comedic sketches draws tens of millions of viewers.  

 The nightly entertainment and daylong conversation starter.  

 But many TV fans found something more fascinating during Year of the Ox.  

 After New Year's Eve, the dance event “Tang Gong Ye Yan,” or “Night Banquet in a Tang Palace,” was popular. This aired on Henan TV.  

 The show resembled “Night at the Museum.” In front of Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) paintings and antiques, dancers resembled sculptures.  

 Augmented reality made the stage look like a royal court.  

 Tens of millions of clicks were generated online within 24 hours of showing, and it remains popular still half a month later.  

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