The Dog Breed That Fits Your Zodiac Sign's Personality Best

Aries: German shepherd.

German Shepherds may appear menacing at first, but they are just as cute as any other dog. You may appear frightening to strangers, but as they get to know you, they realize you're simply full of love.

Taurus: Basset Hound.

Taurus, you and the Basset Hound are almost identical in personality—and not only because you both have large, compassionate eyes.   

Gemini: French bulldog

You, Gemini, are full of energy and liveliness, just like your furry companion twin, the French Bulldog. If someone wants to go out and have some fun, you are always the first to join them

Cancer: Chihuahua.  

Cancer, you have a lot of feelings going on at once inside your brain, much like the loving Chihuahua. If you've ever seen a Chihuahua, you know how lively they can be (and how lovely they are).  

Leo: Golden Retriever  

If any zodiac sign could be best friend material, it would undoubtedly be you, Leo. And, like the Golden Retriever, dubbed "man's best friend," you are universally liked by everyone.  

Virgo: Dalmation  

You, Virgo, have a personality that is almost identical to that of a dog. Your personality ideally represents the Dalmatian personality for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is that you are both quiet and dignified.   

Libra: Samoyed.  

It's difficult not to do a double take when you see a Samoyed, Libra, but the same might be true for you. You, like your fluffy little friend, are wonderfully attractive, with kind eyes, gorgeous hair (or fur),  

Scorpio: Pug  

Not only are you naughty and roguish, Scorpio, but I'm guessing that if you had to choose your own dog breed twin, you'd choose these characteristics over anything else.   

Sagittarius: Labrador retriever.  

Sagittarius, the dog breed that most reflects your personality is also the one you'd select to accompany you on all of your crazy adventures: the Labrador Retriever. You are both busy and high-spirited  

Capricorn: Yorkshire Terrier  

Capricorn, don't be fooled by the Yorkshire Terrier's diminutive size; after all, big things come in small packaging. Yorkies may be little, but they are powerful creatures (much like you).  

Aquarius: Greyhound  

Many dogs appear to have the same, or very similar, personality qualities, but there are a few outliers, such as the Greyhound—just as many zodiac signs are extremely similar to one another, but no one is quite like you, Aquarius.   

Pisces: Maltese.  

Pisces, you enjoy being known as the adorable zodiac sign that everyone wants to spend time with since you're so cute and personable.   

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