‘The Mother’ Cast: Jennifer Lopez Is Back in Action

Jennifer Lopez is back in work with The Mother, and she's making it a family affair. The actor portrays a military-trained assassin   

who emerges from hiding to safeguard the daughter she abandoned years ago after being kidnapped by dangerous guys.

In other words, she possesses a unique set of abilities, and those who cross her will face dire consequences. 

Even a tough mother requires some support. Get to know the all-star cast of Niki Caro's film, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

What to know: This is Lopez's return to spectacular action films—have you seen Enough? If not, then make it a double feature. If so, make it a double feature.  

You've seen her in Selena, The Cell, The Wedding Planner, Maid in Manhattan, Halftime, and, most recently, Ben Affleck's Dunkin' Super Bowl commercial.

What to know: Paez and Lopez developed a strong friendship behind the scenes. "She was very protective of me, and I felt comfortable talking to her about anything. 

She would speak to me in a mentor-best friend-motherly manner," Paez recently told Tudum. 

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