The only known 2nd-generation Holocaust survivor in US sports leaves an NBA legacy

 Romanian Jewish immigrant Ernie Grunfeld's impact on American sports goes beyond basketball ,,,

 Former Knicks great is only son of Holocaust survivors to play in NBA or any major American sports league.  

 The Holocaust, a Basketball Legacy, and an Unprecedented American Dream,” his son Dan Grunfeld recounts a unique family narrative.  

 “There’s darkness in the story, but much more light,” Dan Grunfeld told The Times of Israel by phone.  

 The narrative of basketball, perseverance, and inspiration is joyous and hopeful. I found tears, but also love and laughter.”  

 In research for the book, Grunfeld, a former pro basketball player in Israel, Europe,,,

 and the US and the tournament MVP for Team USA in the 2009 Maccabiah Games, interviewed his father.  

 Team USA in 1976 and became a Knicks star, wearing number 18, which symbolizes life in Judaism.  

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