The Top 10 Most Price-Protective Bicentennial Quarters 

The 1970s marked 200 years since the US became an independent nation. The American Revolution was commemorated on July 4, 1976, the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. 

1. Denver Washington Bicentennial Quarters

The Denver mint produced 860,118,839 copper-nickel bicentennial quarters (91.67%: 8.33%). This coin type is easily identified by the D mint mark on the obverse. Excellent samples are in MS 68 condition.  

2. MS 68 Regular Strike Washington Quarter

MS 68 has a few 1776–1976 D Washington bicentennial quarters worth $3,220–$6,462,50. Heritage Auctions sold the most valuable 1976 D clad MS 68 Washington bicentennial quarter in 2017.  

3. Philadelphia Washington Bicentennial Quarters

The Philadelphia Mint produced 809,784,016 Washington bicentennial quarters dated 1776–1976. All had 91.67% copper and nickel.  

4. MS 65 Washington Bicentennial Quarters

In MS 65 grade, a typical ordinary strike Washington bicentennial quarter from 1776 to 1976 is valued between $6 and $10 on average.

5. MS66 And MS67 Washington Bicentennial Quarters

Most bicentennial quarters in these conditions were quickly removed from circulation. They're not rare; MS 66 ones cost $15–$40. In MS 67, rates average $35 to $127. 

6. MS67+ Washington Bicentennial Quarters

In grades above MS 67, Philadelphia mint bicentennial quarters can fetch hundreds of dollars, according to experts. The 1976 MS 70 Washington bicentennial quarter sold on eBay for $1,199.99 in 2022 to a collector.  

7. San Francisco Washington Bicentennial Quarters

In 1976, the San Francisco mint made bicentennial dollars, halves, and quarters. That year, they issued clad, silver proof, and standard silver quarters with the S mint mark on the obverse.  

8. Silver Uncirculated Washington Bicentennial Quarters

The San Francisco Mint made 11,000,000 silver bicentennial quarters. Low mintage and 40% silver make these pieces precious.  You can get $23 to $144 for MS 68 students, but just six in MS 69 are worth at least $5,060. The rare 1976 S silver MS 69 Washington bicentennial quarter sold for an amazing $19,200 at Heritage Auctions in 2019. 

9. Silver Proof Washington Bicentennial Quarters

Nearly 4 million San Francisco-proof silver quarters are 40% silver and 60% copper. Most Deep Cameo PR 69 coins are worth $15 to $40, but collectors can pay $139 to $250 for a top-quality proof coin in immaculate condition.  

10. Clad Proof Washington Bicentennial Quarters

San Francisco produced almost seven million dual-date clad proofs using 91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel. At auctions, PR 69 pieces commonly sell for $50, although higher-grade Deep Cameo specimens have sold for $93.  

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