The Universe Tests The Strength Of 3 Zodiac Signs' Friendships On May 31

When best friends spend a long enough time together, there are bound to be moments when differences seem to outweigh commonalities. 

During the Aries moon conjunct Saturn, we'll see that we can forgive our friend's opinion, way, style, or belief and keep our feelings to ourselves for the friendship.   


One of the reasons your best friend and you stay close is that you've reached the same life conclusions.  

You're accepting of change, but you're worried since you trusted one person to stay 'exactly' like you and not diverge. They seem to have hobbies that lead them down a route you won't follow.  


Your opinion is so important that you don't understand how much you've changed in a friend's eyes who relied on you to stay the same.   

An inability to spare your political opinion daily destroys a friendship faster than anything else. Your perspective is yours, and more power to you, but if your best friend disagrees, should you make them want to leave the world to get away from you  

Disputes with friends might flare up if you disagree on a reality they believe is fake. Not like this has never happened before. You have a push-pull connection.   


Still, the Aries moon makes it easy to get out of hand. You may want to get angry and let the other person 'eat your dust' because you think only you can be right.   

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