The Weekly Dish: Like it hot and spicy? Try these three Asian noodle soups in Memphis

 Some Memphis residents prefer hot Asian soups, while others prefer really hot ones.  

 Hayes Hora prefers Scoville-high soup. Hora, my coworker at The Commercial Appeal, recently asked if some of us would want to try his favorite spicy Asian soup.  

 What was once an office lunch became a mini-adventure to try hot soups from town restaurants.  

 Sous Chef Gally Sheedy cooks at Crazy Noodle in Midtown on Thursday, March 21, 2019.  

 The Ma La Noodle Soup at Asian Eatery in Germantown was our first soup.  

 The menu listed three chili peppers beside its name, so I should have realized it was spicy.  

 Another clue was the soup description: “House noodle with vegetable in our chef special numbing and spicy soup.”  

 Hora and I received huge bowls of soup from the waitress. The remainder of the table chose milder dishes.  

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