These 2 Zodiac Signs Are Practically Psychic


The writings are on the wall, Pisces. Every facet of your being reflects your innate aptitude for psychic abilities. You are a water sign, symbolized by the fish and the Moon tarot card. 

With that said, my beloved fish. You are no stranger to delving into the depths of the human mind. 

You comprehend that everything and everyone is linked by the collective unconscious, and the previous way to access the collective was to dive into your subconscious.

Most people are unaware that we always know the truth; we are only afraid to seek it out. Not you. You've learned the skill of trusting, blocking out all the distractions, and paying close attention to what your intuition is telling you. 


Capricorn, you're probably one of the last zodiac signs people expect to see on this list, but you and I both know you deserve. The problem about you is that you're very adept at pretending to be stupid, but in reality, you know everything. 

You are represented by The Devil tarot card, which, among other things, can represent sin, temptation, and the pitfalls of life.

Having said that, you understand better than anyone else the deeper inner workings of the psyche and how to use them to your advantage.

Not for evil reasons, but for your own survival. You understand the basic motivations that drive us as humans, and you're not scared to accept your shadow side. 

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