This 51-year-old gay man in sports looks back at three decades of Pride Months

 Now that I'm 51 years old, Pride Month isn't really significant to me.   

 I mean, it wasn't really significant for quite some time. Experienced it firsthand. Seriously, I've witnessed it everything.  

 People arrested for being gay. A West Hollywood establishment outspokenly rejecting homosexual customers.  

 On the street in WeHo, I've been the target of egg throwing. Countless times.  

 The two had been playing head-to-head for a few possessions, with Clark throwing an elbow at Carter and saying something to her face.  

 Clark's marked woman status adds spice to a season where she can't dominate like in college.  

 Anyone expecting Magic Johnson-like passes and 40-point performances was doomed.  

 Clark overcoming obstacles and defeating adversaries must be enough drama. Also, Indiana (2-9) stinks.  

 In a Sunday drubbing by New York, Clark shot 1 of 10 and scored three points. She quit that game with an apparent ear injury following a screen bump.  

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