This 51-year-old gay man in sports looks back at three decades of Pride Months

 Now that I'm 51 years old, Pride Month isn't really significant to me.   

 I mean, it wasn't really significant for quite some time. Experienced it firsthand. Seriously, I've witnessed it everything.  

 People arrested for being gay. A West Hollywood establishment outspokenly rejecting homosexual customers.  

 On the street in WeHo, I've been the target of egg throwing. Countless times.  

 I've had players' unions and naive management urge me not to inquire about LGBTQ acceptance from athletes.   

 Everything from locker room banter to critical LGBTQ sports problems is covered in our weekly playbook.  

 The extent to which gay athletes are accepted is unparalleled by most people.  

 Research on LGBTQ athletes in sports shows that those who come out as LGBTQ get tremendous support from their colleagues.  

 Dispelling notions of LGBTQ hostility in sports, a new study by Outsports, Univ. of Winchester, and Sports Equality Foundation breaks new ground.  

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