Tom Brady Gave Charles Barkley His $250,000 Watch As A Sign Of Respect

Charles Barkley, a TNT basketball analyst, recounted an incredible story that exemplifies mutual respect among sports legends.  

The story revolves around an unexpected and generous gift from future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady,  

showing that brilliance in athletics frequently comes with incredible generosity and humility.  

Barkley recently appeared on the Sports Illustrated podcast, where he related an event from a TNT charity golf match televised several years ago. While on the air, Barkley complemented Brady on his pricey watch  

"I make a nice comment about this watch, which is a pretty penny," Barkley recalled. "I'm talking double-digit thousands."  

Following the broadcast, one of Brady's staffers approached Barkley and told him that Brady wanted to see him.  

Barkley was intrigued and went to see Brady, who then made an unexpected offer. "Tom, what's up?" Barkley recalled asking. To his amazement, Brady said, "Chuck, take my watch."   

I say, 'What?' I said, 'Tom, I'm simply saying you have a great watch.' [He says], 'I appreciate the compliment,' and hands me this watch. Despite Barkley's initial hesitancy, Brady persisted, and Barkley graciously accepted the present.  

Barkley later stated that the watch is worth a whopping $250,000, which collectors had offered him. However, Barkley cherishes the gesture far more than any monetary reward.  

"I wouldn't sell it for any amount," Barkley said. This gesture of goodwill had a lasting impact on Barkley, who respected Brady's modesty and generosity. "That's what a guy Tom is," he remarked.   

"Him and Wayne Gretzky, for being the GOATs of their sports are two of the nicest, most humble guys I ever met."  

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