Top 5 Zodiac Signs Always Unlucky

Have you ever had the experience of feeling as though no matter what you do, luck just doesn't seem to be taking your side? Now, you are not the only one.  

When it comes to astrology, there are certain zodiac signs that are thought to have a greater propensity to attract unlucky circumstances than others.   

These indicators always appear to be in the midst of things, whether it is dealing with ongoing financial difficulties, difficulties in relationships,  

or simply a string of unpleasant occurrences. Let's investigate the five zodiac signs that are believed to have the worst luck and the reasons behind this belief.  


Aries are fiery and energetic, yet luck often gets in their way. Their impulsivity can put them in perilous circumstances where luck isn't on their side.  


Scorpios have strong emotions and intuition, yet this can hurt their luck. Negative thoughts and suspicions might bring more negativity into their life. Scorpios may need to think more positively to improve their luck.  


Capricorns are ambitious and hardworking, but they can be pessimistic. They may draw additional bad luck with this gloomy mindset. Capricorns may need to be more positive and open to new opportunities to luck up.  


Pisces are sympathetic and artistic, yet they are also naïve and easily swayed. This can put kids in bad positions. Pisces may need to be more selective to prevent being exploited.  


Sagittarians adore independence and adventure, yet they may also be irresponsible and careless. This can put them in unfavourable positions. Sagittarians may need to be more cautious and deliberate before starting new projects.  

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