Vietnamese Coconut Candy

During the Lunar New Year, Vietnamese businesses sell multicolored coconut candy known as mứt dừa.   

This coconut candy recipe uses only a few ingredients but produces the most delicious and enjoyable dessert.  

This coconut candy recipe calls for fresh coconut, however frozen coconut strips can be used instead for a speedier way.  

If you enjoy our coconut sweet, try our coconut pandan jelly, che ba mau (Vietnamese three-color treat), and banh bo hap.  

Fun and delicious. If you enjoy coconuts, this coconut candy recipe is ideal for you!   

The creamy, chewy texture, combined with the bright colors, will satisfy your coconut cravings.  

Nothing beats homemade. Sharing homemade sweets is immensely satisfying and delightful. Making mut dua at home allows you to control the quality of the components and adjust the recipe to your specific taste preferences.  

Simple ingredients. These candied coconut ribbons are produced with only five ingredients that are readily available at your local grocery shop!  

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