Wall Street Law Firms Invade Booming World of Pro Sports Deal

 Wall Street legal firms are vying for billionaire buyers and sellers in the sports deals market.  

 High franchise values attract wealthy investors seeking a fixed number of teams.   

 The new law firms are challenging a few companies who have long specialized in professional sports franchise transactions and still dominate the field.  

 The NFL's Washington Commanders sale last year highlights how new-entrant corporations are growing.  

 Apollo Global Management billionaire founder Josh Harris sought advice from Davis Polk & Wardwell chair ,,,

 and managing partner Neil Barr for his record $6.05 billion bid.  

 “As deal sizes have grown and institutional capital has become more prominent, there is clearly a natural migration to firms like ours in the sports industry.

 ” Barr said in an interview. “Our firm prioritizes it. Big, difficult, high-profile deals.”  

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