What it's like to watch Yellowstone for the first time

There was a point when I knew I was doomed. I'd watched the first two seasons of Yellowstone in a matter of days and was thoroughly enjoying it, but then,   

 near the end of season 2, I saw Rip (Cole Hauser) receive John's (Kevin Costner) letter — fans will recognize the one — and then,

then, moments later, offer to march into battle on his own and draw enemy fire. In a panic, I paused the television and contacted my brother, 

who lives on the East Coast and was attempting to go to bed. (Sorry, Jacob). I forced him to tell me whether Rip was about to die,

because I refused to see the show's best character perish. And that's when I accepted my fate: I was addicted to Yellowstone.

To be completely honest, I didn't want to like Yellowstone. Years ago, I heard of a scripted western on Paramount Network and had little interest

 Then, as its popularity expanded, I'd roll my eyes and make jokes about the nonsense people watched on television. 

And when the show truly blew up, I completely turned my back. When something becomes very popular, I usually want to watch it less.

 It's obviously a dumb way to live, but I feel like if there are already enough people watching it, I'm not needed! And the true kiss of death? 

My father told me I should watch it. I love my father, but he has been pushing me for years that I should watch The Blacklist.

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